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Cylinder trolley

Wheel your air around

SpiroCART is a BA backpack on wheels. Instead of wearing your cylinders on your back, or dragging cumbersome hoses from a remote air source, why not put your cylinders on a light-weight, highly mobile trolley? With SpiroCART, you can work continuously for as long as you like, since full and empty cylinders can be rotated without interruption to the air supply. SpiroCART accepts a variety of cylinder sizes from a single 3-litre to twin 9-litre bottles.


— Can be pushed or pulled
— Extendable handle
— Can be fitted with optional hose wheel for situations where the user needs to work a distance away from the cart
— Hot-swapping: as soon as one cylinder is empty, the warning whistle sounds, and you switch over to the second cylinder and replace the empty one without any break in the air supply
— See separate page for manifold details

Available information:
Image Extendable handle
Image Optional hose reel
Image Rugged wheels
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