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Particle PAPR + modular half mask

Hook up your SR900 modular half mask respirator directly to the SR700 particle PAPR

The SR900 half mask can be connected to the particle PAPR with either a single or twin breathing hose — just twist and turn the bayonet fittings. When you need an alternative source of clean air, the SR900 can be used with the SR500 PAPR, a remote filter on your waist belt, negative-pressure filters, or a fixed supplied-air system.

The SR700 particle PAPR —> The SR900 modular half mask —>

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PAPR + helmet with visor

Light weight. Heavy protection. 

By connecting the SR580 helmet and visor to your SR500 Powered Air-Purifyiong Respirator, you have not only excellent breathing protection, but head, face and eye protection to boot.— Two speeds (175 or 225 l/min)
— Lithium-ion battery 
— Work up to 8 h — recharge 2 h 
— Single control for on, off and operating status
— Can be used with hoods, shields or face masks 

The SR500 PAPR —> The SR580 helmet with visor —>

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Intrinsically safe PAPR

All parts of this PAPR and helmet are certified for work in explosive atmospheres.

The 'EX' says it all: the SR500ex Powered Air-Purifying Respirator is designed and certified for explosive and ignitable atmospheres. The fan unit can be connected to a variety of hoods, shields and masks. For best results, connect to the SR540ex head-top — also specially certified by the IEC as intrinsically safe.

The Sundström SR500ex intrinsically safe PAPR —> The Sundström SR540ex intrinsically safe head-top —>

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SR500 filters

How easy it is. The SR500 can be used with simple particle filters, or a combination of gas and particle filters.

— Sundström threaded gas filters
— Threaded gas filters screw straight into fan unit
— Particle filter snaps onto gas filter

All Sundström filters —>

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