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Founded in 1984, Safety Equipment Australia Pty Ltd (SEA), a leading name and specialist in respiratory protection, has been supplying the Australian and New Zealand markets with a range of premium respiratory and associated products for 40 years across all industries.

SEA is the exclusive importer and wholesaler of Sundström respiratory products. Developed and manufactured in Sweden since 1926, Sundström offers a comprehensive suite of first-class respiratory equipment which are user-friendly and designed to be used as a system. Sundström provides the highest respiratory protection available that is both efficient and comfortable and meets Australian Standards and industrial workplace requirements.

Safety Equipment Australia is also the exclusive Australian Agent for Interspiro SCBA, Alphatech Trellchem reusable suits and the Solo Rescue® decon washer.

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Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide workers in hazardous environments with the best possible safety equipment to protect the user from the hazards. It is our mission to provide the knowledge and insight — and thereby the reason and desire — to obtain and to use the equipment.

To achieve this we must firstly ourselves be an authority in our own field of expertise, particularly respiratory protection. Secondly we must source, develop and manufacture equipment that couples comfort and wearability with efficiency and performance. Thirdly, through training and education we must impart the necessary knowledge to form a strong awareness that “there is life after work” , and give the worker a solid, sound, sensible reason to maintain, use and wear the equipment in order to safeguard his or her health, well-being and lifestyle both at work and at home.

By carrying out our mission, we will be a strong leader in our field. Being a leader gives us the funds and resources to continue our mission. Thus we can create a circle that keeps reinforcing itself in every sense: reputation, quality, goodwill, success and, ultimately, profitability.

Technical Capabilities

The SEA Group has been developing, manufacturing, integrating, reselling and supporting personal protective equipment in Australia and internationally since the 1980s, with a focus primarily on respiratory protective devices. In that time it has developed considerable knowledge and expertise in the field of…

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