Technical Capabilities


Safety Equipment Australia Pty Ltd has been developing, manufacturing, integrating, distributing and supporting personal protective equipment (PPE) in Australia and internationally since the 1980s, with a focus primarily on respiratory protective equipment. During this time, it has developed considerable knowledge and expertise in the field of PPE and RPE (Respiratory Protection Equipment).

Quality Management System (QMS)

Safety Equipment Australia Pty Ltd operates a quality management system, independently ISO-certified since 1993 by SAI Global, current certification for ISO 9001:2015 is certificate no. QEC0164.

The quality management system supports SEA in achieving its mission, quality policy and quality objectives, and thereby in its aim to ensure that its products and services continue to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. The certification covers the development, manufacture, assembly, importation, marketing, servicing and distribution of personal safety equipment, including:

  • respiratory protective devices
  • protective clothing
  • communication devices
  • associated maintenance
  • systems and accessories


Central to the effectiveness of the quality management system is a commitment by top management to the quality management principles of ISO 9001.

The quality management system, supported by an in-house quality team, commits SEA to:

  • Annual external audits of the QMS by SAI Global
  • Routine internal audits of all areas of the QMS
  • Design control
  • Document control
  • Control of suppliers
  • Continual improvement of the QMS

Certified Products

SEA’s products carry certification to various local and international standards. These products are certified by third-party approval bodies, including SAI Global and INSPEC International (CE). 

The SE400 range of respirators has been certified in Europe since 1998.

Each approval body mandates compliance with quality system requirements additional to those of ISO 9001, and to a comprehensive quality/test plan for each product.

Each body carries out  audits of certified products and associated quality systems

Research and Development

SEA maintains an in-house Engineering department consisting of electronics, software and mechanical engineering expertise. Engineering developed the SE400 range of products, which continue to evolve. The department also provides engineering support to Manufacturing and Marketing departments.

The department includes a test facility used for conducting research, developing new products and testing of production samples.

Manufacturing, service and warehouse

SEA developed products are manufactured, maintained and warehoused at its Sydney facility.

Third-party relationships

SEA manages important relationships with subcontractors, suppliers and resellers. It uses a number of key subcontractors who supply end-user products in accordance with SEA specifications.

SEA has a long history of involvement with universities and other researchers, supporting and collaborating on research projects in the field of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPP).