Cylinder manifold


Multiple uses

Three ways to mount

The S.E.A. manifold gives you all the flexibility you need for your supplied air. Use it in a number of ways, designed for reliable supply from single 3-litre bottles to twin ‘G’-cylinders


  • High pressure gauge
  • Optional airline pressure gauge
  • Low-pressure warning whistle
  • Works with several cylinder sizes, including ‘G’ size
  • Snap-locks onto spiroCART trolley
  • Carry handle and wall bracket are optional accessories

Data Sheet

spiroCART mounted, wall mounted or hand carried

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  • Description: Maniofold/regulator delivers supplied air to up to three demand respirators simultaneously
  • spiroCART configuration: Mounted on trolley to suit two cylinders in various sizes. See separate spiroCART datasheet
  • Hand-held configuration: With carry handle (optional accessory) to suit single cylinder only
  • Wall-mounted configuration: With wall-mounting bracket (optional accessory) and flexible high-pressure hoses to suit two G-size cylinders
  • Pressure gauges
    • High pressure gauge (standard)
    • Airline pressure gauge (optional)
  • Low pressure warning whistle: Activates at 54–60 bar (hand-held/spiroCART versions) or 10–20 bar (wall-mounted version)
  • Air supply
    • one or two cylinders
    • Hand-held/spiroCART air supply: 300 bar
    • G-size air supply: 163 bar
  • Approved cylinder types
    • BOC 300 bar 4 litre composite
    • EFIC 300 bar 0.8 litre composite
    • Spiromatic 300 bar 4 litre steel
    • Spiromatic 300 bar 6 litre steel
    • G-size (wall-mounted version only)
  • Cylinder changing: The manifold continues to deliver breathing air from one cylinder while the other cylinder is being changed
  • Air outlets: Two CEJN airline connectors standard. Optional third outlet
  • Outlet pressure: 7 to 10.5 bar
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 330 mm
    • Width: 170 mm
    • Depth: 140 mm


Instruction Manual

Data Sheet