Disposable dust hood in Tyvek material


Top protection

Disposable and simple

The SE-shield series of protective hoods are specially made for use with the SE400 respirator. The dust hood is made of Tyvek material. Covers head and shoulders. Elastic fits tightly around the visor of the full face mask and the rim of the regulator.


  • Disposable
  • Light weight
  • Anti-static
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Ultra-smooth material to prevent dirt from sticking to hood

Data Sheet

Disposable dust suit

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  • Description
    Protective suit, specially made for use with SE400AT-2 positive pressure demand respirator. Disposable, single-use suit. The SE400AT-2 can be fitted with an optional pressurisation hose which maintains a slight positive pressure inside the suit.
  • Usage
    Used to protect the entire body while wearing the SE400 respirator. Protects against particles, sprays and splashes. Suitable for dusty, dirty work.
  • Material
    Tyvek® material (very fine high-density polyethylene [spunbonded Olefin] fibre

    • Light-weight
    • Low-lint
    • Anti-static. When earthed, electrostatic build-up is prevented
    • Tear and abrasion resistant
    • Outstanding holdout resistance to fine particles and fibres
    • Resists liquid splashes up to a pressure of 0.13 bar (130 cm water column)
    • Ultra-smooth surface that that repels inorganic liquids and minimises solid particles adhering to the surface of the suit
    • Non-woven fabric
    • Permeable to both air and water vapour, allowing the fabric to ‘breathe’
    • Light, soft, flexible feel
  • Construction
    • Visor seal: Fits tightly around the rim of the full face mask
    • SE400 hose: A hose sleeve fits around the entire length of the hose
    • SE400 filters: Sealed off from the interior of the suit by two threaded sealing rings
    • SE400: The SE400 fan unit is worn on a balanced, convenient back-pack inside the suit.


Data Sheet