Pressurisation hose with bleed valve


Blow up your suit

Get air moving inside suit

The breathing hose is fitted with a bleed valve that inflates the suit with a gentle flow  of air drawn from the fan unit.  Fits into fan unit just like standard breathing hose.


  • Unobtrusive
  • Swivel head
  • No moving parts
  • Maintains positive pressure inside suit
  • Average inward leakage kept under 0.5%
  • Keeps suit material away from skin
  • Increases wearer comfort

Data Sheet

Swivel hose with bleed valve for pressurisation of suits

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  • Description: Breathing hose with a swivel elbow at the fan unit end and a swivel connection at the mask end for use with SE400AT or SE400AT-2 positive pressure demand respirator and SE-shield protective suit in order to pressurise the suit.
  • Application: The pressurisation hose will create a positive pressure inside the suit, significantly enhancing the protection of the SE-Shield protective suit. Also, the ventilation of the suit is generally perceived as a significant improvement of the physical comfort of the wearer.


Data Sheet