SE400 series fan-supplied respirator


Demand PAPR

Technologically advanced

The SE400 series fan-supplied respirator does all the hard work of breathing for you by using a fan to draw contaminated air through the filters. This means that all the extra work of breathing is done by the respirator, and there is no extra workload placed on your lungs. In non-powered devices, this extra work can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, raised pulse, higher blood pressure, increased body temperature, and a sense of discomfort.


  • True positive pressure at 400 litres/minute
  • Breath-responsive demand operation
  • 50% less filter consumption than continuous-flow fans
  • Loud and clear voice communication
  • Single-button operation
  • Microprocessor-controlled motor
  • Continuous self-diagnostics
  • Extensive range of protective suits and hoods
  • Wide range of practical accessories

Data Sheet

Positive-pressure demand respirator

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  • Description: Fan-supplied, positive-pressure, breath-responsive demand respirator. The respirator is microprocessor controlled and supplies positive pressure breathing air even at very hard work. The SE400AT-2 features in-mask communication, a comprehensive warning system, and a usage log which can be downloaded to a personal computer for further analysis.
  • Usage: Used for SCBA-level protection (with full face mask) in filtrable, non-IDLH atmospheres with an oxygen content suitable for human breathing
  • Face pieces:
    • Half mask — silicone material available in S, M/L and L sizes
    • Full face mask — silicone material
    • The face pieces contain no electrical parts, and feature an internal pressure sensor, internal non-electric microphone, and a warning light in the wearer’s field of vision
  • Regulator
    • Flow capability of peak inhalation air flow in the inner ori-nasal mask of 400 l/min or higher
    • Breath responsive: air supply continuously adjusts itself to user’s air requirements
    • 7 to 14 mbar supply pressure
    • Easy service — no tools
    • Tested for equivalent of 3 years’ harsh conditions
    • Acts as negative pressure filter respirator if positive pressure is lost (e.g. battery runs out)
  • Voice communication: All face pieces have an in-built microphone which connects through the fan unit to an external miniature amplifier/loudspeaker
  • Fan unit
    • Single button operation
    • Auto power-off when removing mask
    • LED light indicators
    • Com-port for loudspeaker or personal computer
    • Brush-less DC motor
    • Continuous monitoring of motor function
    • Microprocessor controlled motor
    • Demist mode provides the user rapid supply of extra air for 20 seconds that not only cools the user’s face but also demists the visor of the full face mask
  • User alarms: The user immediately receives both audible and visual alarms (through a siren and a warning light in the user’s field of vision) upon a range of events, such as:
    • Filter change required
    • Low battery power
    • Mask pressure dip
    • Various other system alerts
  • Power supply
    • 2-hour battery recharge
    • Ni-Mh battery technology — no memory effect
    • Approximately 4 hours’ operation at medium work load
    • Microprocessor controlled battery charger for long life and battery maintenance
    • One battery supplied with unit
  • Data log: Fan unit continuously records and time-stamps all vital system information, including:
    • All alarms issued
    • Total air volume drawn through the filters
    • Power on/off
    • Mask removed
  • NOTE: The use of the data log feature is completely optional, and is in no way necessary for the general operation of the SE400AT-2
  • Software: Data log and real-time system monitoring software is included as a simple-to-use Windows application, this is optional
  • Computer interface: Standard serial port
  • Carry devices: The unit can be worn in a variety of ways, with the breathing hose either around the side of the body, or over the shoulder:
    • On a conventional waist belt
    • On the standard waist belt (supplied)
    • On a padded extra strength waist harness with or without shoulder braces (optional)
    • On a back pack with padded shoulder straps and waist harness (optional)
    • For more information on each carry device, see individual data sheets
  • Weight
    • SE400 with full face mask and particle filters: 2.93 kg
    • SE400 with full face mask and DP/Industrial filters: 3.62 kg
  • Warranty: The SE400AT-2 is supplied with a comprehensive warranty, covering the motor and the main circuit board for three years or 6,000 operating hours, whichever comes first.
    Other parts are covered for 12 months for manufacturing faults (not including wear and tear). Some exclusions apply.


Approval – CE

Instruction Manual

Data Sheet