Wet Decontamination

Subjecting the SE-shield system to the Big Wet

Decontamination follows every job in hazardous environments. Why? Because the protective equipment has been exposed to toxic substances, and is a hazard in itself. The exterior of the equipment must be cleaned thoroughly BEFORE you take it off. Solution? Take a shower with all your gear on.


Powerful equipment

This is one of the most powerful portable decontamination units available. We decided to put the the SE-shield Tyvek F suit with the SE400 respirator and pressurisation hose to the test.


Ye who enter here...

This first responder is in for the shower of a lifetime. Come on, hop in!


Water, water everywhere

How could you still breathe through the filters of the SE400 respirator?


How? Easily, as it turns out.

The SE400 respirator gets a tremendous soaking, but still functions normally.


Better with the gear on.

In fact, without the SE400, you could drown standing up.


Now turn around.

Although the 28 nozzles make sure no area is left unwashed, the first responders are required to turn even their most unattractive side to the water spray.


Passed the test

The SE400 respirator was not affected in any way by the deluge. Nor did the first responders have any trouble breathing during the entire three-minute ordeal, thanks to the SE400.