DeconWasher™ Pro S


DeconWasher™ Pro S

Efficient cleaning solution in a compact size.

The DeconWasher™ Pro S ensures excellent results without compromising function or quality despite its compact size. The smart design enables a high water flow through rotating wash arms, with nozzles designed to decontaminate and clean the gear with plenty of power. In addition, the generously-sized rinse system ensures efficient deduction of dangerous soot particles and residue. An optimized decontamination process often means having your decon washer turned on and ready 24/7. While in Ready mode, the ECO-mode of the DeconWasher Pro S will consume up to 55% less energy and still be ready for use within seconds.


  • 6 SCBA’s per hour
  • 12 Helmets per hour
  • 12 Air cylinders per hour
  • 45 Face masks per hour
  • Energy Saving Eco-mode
  • User friendly touch screen interface
  • Hot or cold water connection
  • 200-240v single-phase, 50/60Hz, 16-20A
  • Compatible with DeconFilter™ Pro S



User Manual