DeconFilter™ Pro S


DeconFilter™ Pro S

Optimized filtration technology

The DeconFilter Pro S focuses on extracting and reducing the amount of carcinogenic PAH substances in the Solo Rescue and DeconWasher Pro S wastewater. It uses a multi-stage custom filtration to achieve these results, including a lint filter, particle filters, and an active carbon filter. This allows the filters to catch particles of various types and sizes and prevents them from being flushed down the drain. Filter exchange is quick and easy and can be performed without the need of additional tools or equipment.


  • Protect the environment by reducing carcinogens in the wastewater
  • Multi-stage filtration – lint, particulate and active carbon
  • Easy and safe filtration
  • Perfect complement to the Solo Rescue Decon Washer
  • Replace filter cartridges simply and easily
  • Slim profile: space saving
  • Rack mountable
  • 220-240v single-phase, 50Hz, 10A



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