Disposable Tyvek suit


Perfectly suited

Disposable and simple

The SE-shield series of protective suits are specially made for use with the SE400-AT respirator. All suits can be pressurised by the fan unit through a special ventilation valve on the breathing hose. The internal air flow means that inward leakage is minimised, and adds a sense of comfort and coolness. Tyvek® material. For use with both nuisance dust and hazardous dust, such as asbestos.


  • Disposable
  • Light weight
  • Anti-static
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Breathing material for coolness and comfort
  • Can be pressurised
    — Ultra-smooth material to prevent dirt from sticking to suit

Data Sheet

Disposable dust suit

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  • Description
    Protective suit, specially made for use with SE400AT-2 positive pressure demand respirator. Disposable, single-use suit. The SE400AT-2 can be fitted with an optional pressurisation hose which maintains a slight positive pressure inside the suit.
  • Usage
    Used to protect the entire body while wearing the SE400 respirator. Protects against particles, sprays and splashes. Suitable for dusty, dirty work.
  • Material
    Tyvek® material (very fine high-density polyethylene [spunbonded Olefin] fibre

    • Light-weight
    • Low-lint
    • Anti-static. When earthed, electrostatic build-up is prevented
    • Tear and abrasion resistant
    • Outstanding holdout resistance to fine particles and fibres
    • Resists liquid splashes up to a pressure of 0.13 bar (130 cm water column)
    • Ultra-smooth surface that that repels inorganic liquids and minimises solid particles adhering to the  surface of the suit
    • Non-woven fabric
    • Permeable to both air and water vapour, allowing the fabric to ‘breathe’
    • Light, soft, flexible feel
  • Construction
    • Visor seal: Fits tightly around the rim of the full face mask
    • SE400 hose: A hose sleeve fits around the entire length of the hose
    • SE400 filters: Sealed off from the interior of the suit by two threaded sealing rings
    • SE400: The SE400 fan unit is worn on a balanced, convenient back-pack inside the suit.


Instruction Manual

Data Sheet