Military-grade Tychem F suit — For SE40 CBRN


Perfectly suited

Domestic Preparedness CBRN suit

The SE-shield series of protective suits are specially made for use with the SE40 respirator. All suits can be pressurised by the fan unit through a special ventilation valve on the breathing hose. The internal air flow means that inward leakage is minimised, and adds a sense of comfort and coolness. Domestic preparedness suit made of Tychem F material for protection against bio-chemical warfare agents, such as mustard gas and many other substances.

Cut specially to accommodate the angled filters of the SE40 respirator.


  • Fully encapsulated
  • Chemical resistant
  • Disposable, single-use suit
  • Booties permanently sewn to suit legs
  • Tested in a wide variety of industrial chemicals and warfare agents

Data Sheet

Fully encapsulated military-grade CBRN suit

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  • Description: Protective encapsulated suit, specially made for use with SE400 positive pressure demand respirator. Disposable, single-use suit. The SE400 can be fitted with an optional pressurisation hose which maintains a slight positive pressure inside the suit.
  • Usage: Used to protect the entire body while wearing the SE400 respirator. Protects against particles and gases. Protects against chemical and biological materials including CBRN warfare agents.
  • Material: Military-grade Tychem F material
  • Weight of material: 105 g/m²
  • Fabric characteristics
    • Burst – 227 kPa
    • Puncture – 30.9 N
    • Flex cracking – 2500 cycles
    • Air permeability – Impermeable
    • Water vapour permeability – Impermeable
    • High temp – Seams open at +98°C
    • Low temp –  Flexibility down to –70°C
  • Suit construction
    • Seams: Lap welded for extra strength
    • Visor seal: Fits tightly around the rim of the full face mask
    • SE400 hose: A hose sleeve fits around the entire length of the hose
    • SE400 filters: Sealed off from the interior of the suit by two threaded sealing rings
    • Gloves: Chemically impermeable gloves are fastened to the rigid sleeve rings with an airtight seal. The gloves are designed to be worn inside regular working gloves or rubber, leather or other materials. NOTE: The supplied gloves are impermeable and impregnable, but are not designed for mechanical wear and tear. Heavy-duty outer gloves of butyl rubber, leather or similar must be worn over the inner gloves.
    • Booties: Booties are permanently welded to the suit legs. The booties slip easily into regular outer heavy-duty boots or shoes. A special skirt covers the bootleg for further protection
    • SE400: The SE400 fan unit is worn on a balanced, convenient back-pack inside the suit
  • Chemical breakthrough (in accordance with ASTM F739-1991)
    • Acetone  >480 (min)
    • Ammonia 79 (min)
    • Carb. disulph. >480 (min)
    • Chlorine >480 (min)
    • Dichl. meth. 5 (min)
    • Diethylam. >480 (min)
    • Ethyl acet. >480 (min)
    • Ethyl. glycol >480 (min)
    • Ethyl. oxide 65 (min)
    • Hexane >480 (min)
    • Hydr. chl. >480 (min)
    • Methanol 77 (min)
    • Meth. chl. >480 (min)
    • Monoeth. amine >480 (min)
    • NaOH conc. >480 (min)
    • Sulph. acid >480 (min)
    • Tetrachl. ethyl. >480 (min)
    • Toluene >480 (min)
    • Xylene >480 (min)
    • Mustard gas* >480 @ +37°C (min)
    • Lewisite/Must. 2:1* >480 @ +37°C (min)
    • VX* >480 @ +37°C (min)
      *) Tested by TNO, The Netherlands
  • Total inward leakage: One unique feature of the S.E.A. PVC suit is that it can be used with a pressurisation hose which turns the suit into a positive pressure suit. Total inward leakage into the suit if using pressurisation hose is typically 0.1%.


Instruction Manual

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