SE-win software for SE400 and SE40


Manage your safety

Keep track. Make decisions.

The SE-win software for the SE400 or SE40 respirator is a powerful management tool that lets you keep track of the status of your safety system, the condition of the equipment, and the manner in which it is used. This can help you to: Comply with Standards, ISO or other regulations Document respirator use in the work place Trace the relationship between respirator wear and workers’ health — such as blood lead levels etc. Perform comprehensive safety statistics and analysis.


  • Log, download and print important data on the operation of the SE400 or SE40, including the nature of any events and the time they occurred. This data can be viewed as an event summary and a daily usage graph
  • Configure the Filter End Of Life (FEOL) function
  • Customise the Self-Test function
  • Change the time and date settings on the SE400 or SE40
  • Monitor real-time important parameters such as mask pressure, filter resistance and air flow rate

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