SR574 Welding Shield


The SR 574 welding shield

The SR 574 welding shield is intended for use with the Sundström SR 570 face shield together with the Sundström battery-powered SR500 or SR700 PAPR and approved filters.

The breathing hose of the face shield is to be connected to the fan unit equipped with filters. The overpressure in the face shield prevents particles and other pollutants from being admitted into the breathing zone.


  • Flip up visor
  • Flame retardant face seal
  • Bump cap for SR570
  • Neck comfort band
  • Valve covers
  • Welding Filter shade 10

Optional Accessories

  • Automatic welding lens EN 4/5-13
  • Automatic welding lens EN 4/9-13
  • Correction lenses: 1 – 2.5 dioptres


User Instructions