Sundström SR570 supplied-air face shield


Hard shield

Covers face and top of head

Unique shield with excellent field of vision. The visor can be easily flipped up to a well-balanced ‘over-the-head’ position. Easily replaceable visor of polycarbonate.

Certified as intrinsically safe by IECEx and approved for use with Sundström SR500ex intrinsically safe PAPR.


  • Connect directly to Sundström PAPR
  • Connect to fixed air supply via regulator
  • Quick-release hose connection
  • New adjustable head harness
  • Flip-up visor: easy to replace
  • Super-flex breathing hose
  • Internal airflow deflection
  • Optional neck-cape
  • Optional bump-cap
  • Earmuff slots (We recommend the default attachment from Peltor called P3E)
  • Certified as intrinsically safe by IECEx

Data Sheet

Supplied-air face shield

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  • Description: Face shield for use with Sundström PAPR (direct connection) or compressed air supply (through SR507 regulator)
  • Working pressure: 5–7 bar
  • Air flow rate: 
    • With SR500 PAPR: 175 or 240 l/min
    • With SR700 PAPR: 175 or 225 l/min
  • Temperature range
    • Operation: –10°C to +55°C at <90% RH
    • Storage: –20°C to +40°C at <90% RH
  • Low flow warning: <175 l/min
  • Visor
    • Polycarbonate
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Chemical-resistant
    • Flip-up hinges
    • Impact tested with 6 mm diameter steel ball against visor: 120 m/s at extremes of temperature, liquid splashes, molten metal
    • Optional peel-off spray film
  • Weight with hose: 850 g
  • Other features
    • Adjustable head harness
    • Internal airflow deflection
    • Airflow demists the visor
    • Replaceable super-flex breathing hose with quick coupling
    • Optional neck cape
    • Optional bump-cap
    • Exhalation valve
    • Single size
    • Certified as intrinsically safe by IECEx



User Instructions

Impact Approval

Data Sheet

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