Sundstrom SR99-1 Compressed Air filter 900 L/min


Clean odourless air

Filters raw supplied air

The filter unit produces breathing-quality air from ordinary compressed air. The unit consists of a regulator, pre-collector and main filter enclosed in a sheet steel chassis. The filter can be used standing on the floor or wall-mounted. The pre-collector, which has pressure-controlled/manual drainage, separates out coarse particles, water and oil. The inlet pressure is 6–10 bar.


  • Removes oil, water, pollutants and smells
  • Heavy-duty filters: 2 x P3 (particles) and 1 x A3 (organic gas & vapour)
  • Up to 3 outlets
  • Robust, rugged construction
  • Stand on floor or mount on wall
  • Water & oil trap before filter
  • Easy to change filter
  • Filter lasts up to 6 months

Data Sheet

Supplied airline filter

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  • Description: Compressed air filter used to clean ordinary compressed air for safe breathing. Also suitable for cleaning air supply to pneumatic tools and instruments that require pure air.
  • Function: 
    • Stage 1: Coarse particles (oil, water, dirt) are filtered out in the pre-filter, which has a pressure-controlled/manual drain.
    • Stage 2: Air moves through the main filter (replaceable SR 292 filter).
    • Stage 3: Main filter removes microscopic particles and oil odours.
    • Stage 4: Air moves through a secondary P3 particle filter.
  • Working pressure: 6 to 10 bar
  • Air flow: Up to 900 l/min (3 users or air tools)
  • Filter: SR 292 filter, incorporating two particle (P3) filters — one on either side of an organic gas (A3) filter.
    • Filter area of P3 filters: 2,200 cm2 approx.
    • Activated carbon: approx. 500 grams
    • Adsorption capacity: 100–150 g oil
  • Inlet: ½” BSP female
  • Outlets: ½” BSP female. One safety coupling; one plugged opening. An additional Y coupling that doubles the number of outlets is available as an accessory. Supplied with 1 x CEJN series coupling.


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Data Sheet

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