Science & Research Papers

Research papers on new discoveries in respiratory protection, published and presented over the years. Some papers were written by The S.E.A. Group; others by both commissioned and independent researchers and scientists.

An Innovative Approach to Evaluating Protection Level of Tight Fitting PAPRs when Face Seal is Compromised, Published in ISRP Journal Vol 39 No.2, 2022
(Kazakov, 2022)

The Practical Use of some Existing Models for Estimating Service Life of Gas Filters
(Bäckman, 1997)

Ventilation Volume and PIAF when Wearing Negative and Positive Pressure Respirators
(Berndtsson, 2002)

Why is PIAF so Important that We Need to Change the Way We Test APRs?
(Berndtsson, 2002)

Peak Inhalation Air Flow and Minute Volume During a Controlled Test Performed on an Ergometer
(Berndtsson, 2003)

Peak Inhalation Air Flow during an Agility Test Performed by the US Marine Corps
(Berndtsson, 2003)

Peak inhalation Air Flows and Minute Volumes Measured in a Bicycle Ergometer Test
(Berndtsson, 2004)

A New Simplified Technique for Measuring Inspiratory Flow Characteristics
(Berndtsson & Ekman, 2003)

Workplace Breathing Rates: Defining Anticipated Values and Ranges for Respirator Certification Testing. (Carretti, 2004)

A Practical Method for Interpreting Breathing Curves in the Selection of Negative Pressure Respirators
(Ekman, 2004)

Effectiveness of Safety Equipment Australia SE400AT Positive Pressure Filtering Device during Asbestos Removal Operations (Howie, 2001)

Wear Time and Peak Airflow Monitoring in a Lead Smelter
(Kranenberg, 2002)

Respiratory Flow Patterns during Physical Work with Respirators
(Kuklane & Holmér, 2002)

Domestic preparedness: Protection Factor Testing of the SE-shield Suit with the SE400 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) (Seiple & Pappas, 2003)

A Study of how Speech Affects Peak Inspiratory Air Flow Values, at Various Levels of Work...
(Wallaart, 1997)

A Study of the Relationship between Heart Rate and Minute Breathing Volume at Various Levels of Work...
(Wallaart, 1997)

Calibration of Test Subjects: Minute Flow
(Wallaart, 1997)

Repeated Inward Leakage Tests
(Bäckman, 1997)