Training Materials
Sundström SR100 Half Mask

Sundström SR100 Half Mask Respirator

The S.E.A. modular training program offers many easily accessible training modules in several formats, ranging from printed easy-to-read handout material to visual presentations, videos and YouTube clips that can be viewed on SmartPhones, tablets and laptops.


Printable handout with graphics about all aspects of the Sundström SR100 half mask.

'How To' Handout

'How-to' aspects of the Sundström SR100: fitting, filters, cleaning etc.


A3 or A4 poster on how to fit the Sundström SR100 to your face.

Operating Instructions

Operating instructions for the Sundström SR100

Video training materials — The SR100 Half Mask

Video overview

A brief video overview of the Sundström SR100 Half Mask

Use and Maintenance Video Clip

A short video clip advising on how to use and maintain the  Sundström SR100 Half Mask

How to Fit

A brief video clip on how to fit the  Sundström SR100 Half Mask