Sundström SR580 supplied-air helmet & visor


Hard headtop

Connect to PAPR or air supply

Protection from high-impact particles, liquid splashes and molten metal, while receiving a steady supply of clean breathing air
The SR 580 together with the battery-powered SR 500 or SR 500 EX fan and approved filters are included in the Sundström fan-assisted respiratory protection device system. The breathing hose of the helmet with visor can be connected directly to the fan, equipped with filters. The SR 580 can also be used with the SR 507 supplied air regulator in order to be connected to any compressed air supply.


  • Protects the breathing zone, face and head
  • Visor provides protection from high-impact particles, liquid splashes and molten metal
  • Air flow keeps visor mist-free
  • Adjustable head harness
  • Replaceable breathing hose
  • Exhalation valve
  • Optional peel-off visor film
  • Standard fastener for ear muffs

Data Sheet

Supplied-air helmet & visor

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  • Description: Protective helmet and visor for use with Sundström PAPR (direct connection) or compressed air supply (through SR507 regulator)
  • Working pressure: 5–7 bar
  • Air flow rate
    • With supplied air: 175–260 l/min
    • With SR500 PAPR: 175 or 240 l/min
    • With SR700 PAPR: 175 or 225 l/min
  • Temperature range
    • Operation: –10°C to +55°C at <90% RH
    • Storage: –20°C to +40°C at <90% RH
  • Low flow warning: <175 l/min
  • Visor: Polycarbonate
  • Weight with hose: 875 g



User Instructions

Impact approval

SR580 additional approval

Data Sheet

Operating Instructions