SR591 Welding Shield & SR592 Welding Shield with hose


The SR591 Welding Shield & SR592 Welding Shield with hose

SR 591 & SR592 WELDING SHIELD is to provide protection in arc welding, MIG, MAG and TIG welding, and plasma cutting. The shield protects the eyes, head and neck of the welder against radiation from the arc, environmental radiation and welding spatter.

SR 591 WELDING SHIELD is designed for use either by itself or in combination with a respiratory protection system. To get the best and appropriate respiratory protection you can choose to use it with either SR 900 half mask with remote filter holder SR 905 or with our powered fan unit SR 500 or SR 700 in the highest protection level (TM3). You can also use the SR 900 with our SR 507 compressed air attachment in class 3A/3B.

SR 592 WELDING SHIELD WITH AIR CHANNEL The SR 592 welding shield is to be used together with the SR 500 or SR 700 PAPR and approved filters. The filtered air blown into the shield pressurises the shield and prevents contaminated surrounding air from reaching the user.



  • Easy use and operation
  • Adjustable head harness
  • Adjustable face seal
  • Tested and approved against high speed particles 45 m/s.

Optional Accessories

  • Automatic welding lens EN 4/5-13
  • Correction lenses: 1 – 2.5 dioptres
  • Welding Filter shade EN8
  • Welding Filter shade EN9
  • Welding Filter shade EN10
  • Welding Filter shade EN11
  • Welding Filter shade EN12
  • Welding Filter shade EN13



SR591 User Instructions

SR592 User Instructions


SR591 Operating Instructions

SR592 Operating Instructions